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Infant Care

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It is very important to find a care provider with whom you are very comfortable to nurture and protect your little one. I believe, in my years of childcare, I have been able to help new mothers and fathers feel just a little more confident in going to work – knowing that their little baby is safe and in a loving environment.

I have extensive experience with infant care. I am a mother, so I have lived through the good time and the hard ones and learned from experience with my own son. I have also cared for many special little babies. Furthermore, I have extensive training in newborn care, breastfeeding, early childhood development, and CPR & First Aid certifications. I trained with Doulas of North America, the premiere doula training organization, and earned my Certified Doula certificate. Newborn and infant care is a very important part of DONA’s training. As a doula, I meet with my clients after they give birth to help them with basic newborn care and breastfeeding. I have also taken classes at Valencia Community College as part of my nursing degree in early childhood development. I am certified in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid through the Red Cross.

Though all of the certifications make me more than qualified to care for infants, I believe that the experience and loving care is really what is important when I am entrusted with your little one. I have had moms tell me that is just puts them at ease knowing they don’t have to remember to tell me exactly how to warm a bottle or to make sure there are no choking hazards in reach, because it’s something they know I am familiar with. 



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