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Preschool Curriculum

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We have a wide variety of activities to keep us busy. My son is home schooled. We started with the "Alphabuddies" and "Number Buddies" curriculum when he was 3. I offer this same curriculum for all of the children in my care. We incorporate outside play with the climbing cube, ride-on toys, ball playing, and more. Every now and then the kids will get a "treat" and watch an education video (ex: Physical Science for Children: All about Solids, Liquids, and Gases). Music time is a fun part of the day. "Wee Sing" is a big hit. Lunch is served as a balanced meal. Whole foods and unprocessed foods are important. I do my best to keep the children's schedules as close to their at home schedule, so we are a home away from home.


Learning Letters & Numbers

Using the Alphabuddies curriculum we focus on one letter for a week. We will color letter pictures, sing letter songs, create crafts that start with the letter we are learning, and participate in group activities about the letter. We also attempt to learn how to write the letter by using tracer pages; however, those are skills that will vary based on age. The kids learn capital and lower case and what sound(s) the letter makes. We use the same curriculum for numbers. The children really enjoy working on the crafts and pictures and learn while having fun. We cycle this curriculum when we reach the end.


Play Time

We play indoors and outdoors. The back yard is fenced with a swing set, a climbing cube, bikes, cars, and all kinds of play toys. We have tons of stuff to keep us busy inside too.

Playtime is very important for children of all ages. Playing is the way children learn. It increases creativity, intellectual stimulation and playtime with a parent or caregiver allows the child a chance to express their individuality, feel more secure, social and loved. When parents and caregivers set aside time for pure play it allows us to listen, get completely involved, becoming engaged with our children. We can discover our children’s needs, both emotionally and psychologically. Playing with children is different than trying to educate or teach. It is a way to have fun, get exercise and work off a seemingly endless supply of energy.  All that fun however is actually important work. It establishes character and the child’s place in society.  It is very important in development, more than we ever thought before.  It is important in the social, emotional, physical, and even intellectual development of children.


Field Trips

We also have fun outside the home! Educational and fun field trips are planned in advance with notice and approval of the parent. They are free of charge. We occassionally attend play dates with our local play group. The kids really enjoy the social interaction and the fun and exciting things we do.

There are never any extra charges or fees for field trips.



Get Out of the House and Make Each Day an Adventure!


Babies don’t care if it’s winter or summer -- they still need to play and learn. Learning is a full-time job for children, and they know no bounds when it comes to this. So instead of letting the weather dictate what you can do, try some of these options:


Check out local museums of all types: art or culture museums, science museums, history museums, etc. Even if all you do is cart baby around in the stroller, he’ll enjoy looking at pictures and displays, and so will you!


Don’t forget your local children’s museum or one in an adjoining city. They have areas for young babies as well as older ones.


Your local park district may have indoor activities for babies, such as wading pools and age-specific equipment.


Indoor playgrounds, such as Discovery Zone, can be lots of fun once baby can get around on his own. Chuck E. Cheese’s combines indoor fun with food, so you can have lunch out as well. Just remember to follow the use and size recommendations and to watch baby at all times. Older kids might not be as careful as you’d like them to be around your baby.


If you absolutely can’t get out of the house, make each day special by trying some of these ideas: play lots of different music in the house and sing along while dancing with baby, buy a collection of new books and read different ones each day, color with crayons, paint with water colors, bake different things for baby to try (when old enough!) and use your imagination. You can make each day an adventure!




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